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  We all know what the FAQs are.

I want to tell you about the SAQs... Should Ask Questions

  Have you ever started a project, made some bad decisions, THEN found out that one of your close friends could have told you the right thing to do?

   How do you know who to ask? How do you know what to ask?*

   One practice that some of the competition do is to leave the trash for you to deal with. We will take away all trash, scraps, lumber, old windows, etc. If we have replaced your windows, we will also sweep floor in the nearby area.

   Another common practice is to give a low price, then add on necessary things like doors (for pole barns), or locks, screens, Low-E, and Argon (for windows).

   A third question you might ask is "Do you do painting or staining?" No.

   A closely related question may be "Can you wrap [around] my windows with aluminum to seal it and so I don't have to paint?" Yes!

   "Free estimates?" Yes!

   "Is it possible to put replacement windows in a mobile home?" Yes!

   "Can I use slider windows, casement windows, or double hung?" Yes, any of these are available.

   "Can you put a concrete floor in my pole barn?" Yes, we like to do that after the framing and before putting on your siding.

Here at Keener Window, we are committed to quality and we want you to be happy.

*We will try to answer those questions that you didn't think to ask.

SAQs (Should ask questions)

1. Does your price include everything I need for a fully operational window? Will I need to purchase anything else? We will find out your wants and needs at the initial visit for the free estimate. We will work up a price that lists everything you need. What we do not do: is to add to the "estimate" after we have quoted a price to you. Of course if you think of something you wish to change, just ask and we will work up a second estimate-still at no charge to you.

2. Do you remove the old windows and trash associated with the replacement? Of course! We sweep the nearby floors as well.

3. Can you put aluminum wrap on the wood trim around my windows? Can you replace the trim on the inside of my windows? Yes, we have the equipment needed to bend the aluminum to fit around your frame. For the interior, we can replace your current trim or put in something new. Be sure to ask. We do not generally do painting or staining.

FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

1. What is meant by "Low-E" and "Argon"? Our low-E glass includes up to three layers of a thin silver coating that allows ample visible light to pass through, while blocking infrared and ultraviolet radiant solar energy. The result: Cooler rooms in summer and warmer rooms in winter.

Insulating gases, such as argon or krypton, fill our double- and triple-pane window products.

2. Can I choose a different brand of window than the sample you showed me or the one I saw on your website? Yes, Prices vary by brand and "level". For example, Silver Line does not make a brown window, but I can get a Semco window that is brown on the outside and wood grain on the inside. We will use what you want or find it for you.

3. Do you sell windows for new construction projects as well as replacement applications? Yes

4. Can you put replacement windows in a mobile home? Absolutely, although sometimes we may use what is called a "new construction" window.

5. How long does it take until you get the windows? It depends on the season, usually in less than 3 weeks. The windows are custom made to fit your home.

6. Do you do free estimates? Yes, locally

7. Can I leave reviews? Yes, If you would like to add to this page, please call 540-867-9134, or fill out the message box on the Window & Door page, or send a review to us at [email protected] and we will place it on our website's testimonials. Please list your last name.

This page is currently in progress. Thank you for your patience. 


   "We have been receiving a lot of compliments! Thanks!"         


   "We just had the doors installed on Wed and Thurs by Tom Keener and -----. They both should be recommended as the quality of their installation was by far the best that we have ever seen. We were most impressed with the care and attention to detail that they both demonstrated during both the removal and the installation of each of the new doors. They certainly are a real credit to your organization."

-- Le Pera

    "Looks good. Wondering if there is a guarantee..brochure or document to accompany the windows." 

 -- Hershey

    Yes, thanks for asking! We'll get it right out to you! 

 -- Site manager 

  "Quick repair on overhead door. Thank you very much!" 

 -- Wheelbarger

  "We had Tom come do our basement windows too. Thanks."

-- Wrenn

     The windows look great!!!! Thank you!!! What a difference they make, we have insulated windows, which is great, it's quieter too!!!

You have done a really nice job and we really appreciate that; you work fast & are very professional. We look forward to having you help us with future projects.

Thank you again!!!!!! 

 -- Gilman

     Tom did a WONDERFUL AND GREAT job replacing our windows (which have been in the house for 36 years.) We will recommend him to everyone who wants new windows!!! Thank you Tom, you are the best!!! 

 -- Dennis and Reba

     "Mr. Keener, thank you for the great windows and doors installation. However, the front window is still here to be removed." 

 -- Cindy